Monday, May 28, 2012

Sora's back in town, y'all!!

As you may already know, Sora stayed on in Berlin for a few days after John and Nico returned home on Friday. 

Word on the street is, our dear SPLITter has landed at JFK,  been chauffeured home, and is spending some time with the SPLIT fam this evening. 

Gotta run!


See Sora SPLIT!

Just after midnight, in the very first minutes of 
that SPLIT Saturday Morning, 
Sora and John look into each other's eyes with 
"Oh wow—this is really happening!!!" glee. 

Heart's a-warming.
Heart's a-pounding.

Just the way we like it.

The best flight to Berlin didn't leave out of JFK till later that evening,
so we all ran home to rest up a bit, and then met up again at Sora's home in the late afternoon...

 ...where she fed us this incredible juice she'd made...

...and showed us around her charming apartment...
...and wowed our crew with her wise spirit and electric grace...

...and was cheered on by her fastidious neighbors...

...dotted some i's...

...crossed some t's...


To SPLIT or not to SPLIT

In our search we encountered many souls interested in SPLITting. 

The folks you see here were some of the most ready and willing to travel across the world with us:

  Here stands Eddy (right) who imagined a trip to Mexico City. 

And Courtney, who wanted to search for pirates.

And Alex, who dreamed of New Delhi and Nepal. 
(And an extra one of Alex—with his beautiful partner, Dylan—because those green starbursts are so special.)

And Drew who championed a trip to Egypt via Israel (and who had his passport at the ready when we met him).

And Sora whose vision of Berlin set our SPLIT souls aflame.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

A look back at SPLIT DAY

We gathered in the Garment District at 7AM last Friday morning.

We primed our gear.
We donned our shirts. 
We shushed the butterflies in stomachs. 
And set off for Grand Central Station.

"If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?"
At the corner of 42nd and Madison, we threw open the doors of our mobile studio and let the New Yorkers rush in. This lovely lady was one of our first respondents. 

After the flow of morning commuters slowed, we moved on to Bryant Park to check in with the lunch crowd.

If you haven't been to Bryant Park in a while, do yourself a favor and pop in some afternoon. That is one chilled-out oasis of sunbathers, lunch muchers, jugglers, ping-pong players and at least one math mystic working through equations in the shade.
The vibe in Bryant Park was so relaxed our offer to SPLIT didn't quite take, so we moved on through the city searching for what we were searching for. 
 As we traveled, we bonded over the magic we were brewing, and this project began to take on a much broader shape with a much deeper heart.
 By mid-afternoon, we found a sweet spot on the east side of Tompkins Square Park. As the light waned, we looked around at each other, realized we'd accidentally created a sweet little family, and went out into the neighborhood to find a new member to fall in love with. 

If you're looking for intelligent, electric New Yorkers, the East Village really delivers. We met so many wonderful folks in the park and surrounding environs.

Thanks for being you, Downtown—you're so goodlookin' and always so ready for something special to happen.
In our next post, you'll get a glimpse of some some of the folks that really considered SPLITting.


SPLIT just got REAL

Big update, folks—our selected splitter, Sora An, is staying on in Berlin!

What a beautiful, SPLIT it was. 

Check back soon for pictures from SPLITNYC's search of the city and for more SPLIT news.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fuel for Family

Sharing is caring.

The MAGIC ramped right up late yesterday afternoon when we looked around at each other and saw a new family. All eyes were a-twinkle, all arms were a-hugging. Pretty sure there was some jumping up and down, too. It was adorable. It was electric. And it happened in real time.

Then we entered the park searching for people we LOVE. And we found 'em!

We found more family.

Can't wait to introduce you.... 


nine ten SPLIT!

Three hours ago, our team SPLIT outta JFK.
Can't wait to hear all about that magical flight once they land.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Posting up at the park for a minute

We've just checked in on the south side of Bryant Park! “Many of the midday strollers in the park are office workers; they have the subdued mood of prison inmates released into the yard for their daily hour of sunshine and exercise.” —VICTOR CHEN, 1974 Come hither, subdued strollers. There's magic to be found.

Preparing for SPLITNYC

Up, up, and away...