Saturday, May 26, 2012

A look back at SPLIT DAY

We gathered in the Garment District at 7AM last Friday morning.

We primed our gear.
We donned our shirts. 
We shushed the butterflies in stomachs. 
And set off for Grand Central Station.

"If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?"
At the corner of 42nd and Madison, we threw open the doors of our mobile studio and let the New Yorkers rush in. This lovely lady was one of our first respondents. 

After the flow of morning commuters slowed, we moved on to Bryant Park to check in with the lunch crowd.

If you haven't been to Bryant Park in a while, do yourself a favor and pop in some afternoon. That is one chilled-out oasis of sunbathers, lunch muchers, jugglers, ping-pong players and at least one math mystic working through equations in the shade.
The vibe in Bryant Park was so relaxed our offer to SPLIT didn't quite take, so we moved on through the city searching for what we were searching for. 
 As we traveled, we bonded over the magic we were brewing, and this project began to take on a much broader shape with a much deeper heart.
 By mid-afternoon, we found a sweet spot on the east side of Tompkins Square Park. As the light waned, we looked around at each other, realized we'd accidentally created a sweet little family, and went out into the neighborhood to find a new member to fall in love with. 

If you're looking for intelligent, electric New Yorkers, the East Village really delivers. We met so many wonderful folks in the park and surrounding environs.

Thanks for being you, Downtown—you're so goodlookin' and always so ready for something special to happen.
In our next post, you'll get a glimpse of some some of the folks that really considered SPLITting.


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